Full Name
Steven Bethell
Job Title
Founding Partner
BVH, Bank & Vogue and Beyond Retro
Speaker Bio
Over the past 25 years, along with his family, Steven Bethell has been motivated by a strong sense of environmental stewardship. Keen to find the fastest route to carbon neutrality, he utilizes his unique expertise and passion on used clothing to find innovative and relevant solutions for the crisis of stuff. Steven leads Bank & Vogue Group, which sees opportunity, not waste, in used clothing, and encourages a circular economy for the global fashion landscape.

As one of the largest full-service brokers of used goods from North America, Bank & Vogue delivers consistent value to over 40 markets globally. Last year, the company diverted over 90 million pounds of used goods and store returns. Beyond Retro is a leading vintage fashion retail powerhouse in Europe, inspiring individuality for myriad customer demographics and staking its claim alongside the biggest names in high-street and luxury fashion. BVH Services spearheads and develops groundbreaking innovations across the fashion field.
Steven Bethell