Full Name
Mustafain Munir
Job Title
Cyclo Recycled Fibers
Speaker Bio

Mustafain Munir is Director of Cyclo Recycled Fibers, a Bangladeshi firm on a mission to turn waste into high-quality fibers and yarns that can be used to create new garments, home textiles and accessories, where he spearheads the company’s sustainable initiatives.
To execute Cyclo’s circularity goals, Mr. Munir has helped triple the recycling capacity in the Bangladesh facility, established regional production partners in Pakistan and India and made Cyclo one of the first brands founded in Bangladesh to be used internationally. Additionally, from his experience at Cyclo, Mr. Munir has helped establish Presstar, an impact fund focused solely on investments that reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry.
Mr. Munir holds a Bachelor of Arts focused in music, operations and supply chain management from Washington University in St. Louis.

Mustafain Munir