If the fashion industry has taught us anything these past few years, it’s that even the most minor ripple along the complex and hyper-connected supply chain can turn into a tsunami. Luckily, goods are flowing and the worst of the global health crisis is behind us, yet myriad pressures are still creating volatility and a highly uncertain 2023. From unpredictable geopolitical and weather concerns to new laws on the books and changing consumer spending patterns, the challenges are coming from all sides. 

To help your company prepare, Sourcing Journal has created a unique four-part 2023 Outlook Live Briefing, airing December 13 at 12:30pm ET. 

What’s going on with raw materials, trade laws, logistics and retail? How will they impact the industry and each other? In this special briefing featuring successive one-on-one chats with industry experts, we will be leaving plenty of time for Q&A so you can ask the hard questions that are on your mind.

Tune into the webinar to learn: 

•    Have freight costs peaked? 
•    How is the Russia-Ukraine war affecting fuel prices? 
•    How should brands and retailers prepare for capacity issues? 
•    What changes could come into trade law next year? 
•    What do the election results mean for trade? 
•    What’s in and what’s out looking to the future of Free Trade Agreements? 
•    What’s the latest with cotton prices? 
•    How are increasing droughts affecting irrigation procedures and raw materials markets? 
•    Will farming innovations drive more sustainable constructions?
•    What is the retail outlook for 2023?





Jon Devine
Jon Devine
Senior Economist, Corporate Strategy and Insights Division
Cotton Incorporated

Vincent Iacopella
Vincent Iacopella
Executive Vice President, Growth & Strategy
Alba Wheels Up International LLC

Ronald J. Sorini
Ronald J. Sorini
Principal & Co-Founder
Sorini, Samet & Associates LLC

Glenn McMahon
Glenn McMahon
Managing Director
Getzler Henrich & Associates LLC, a Hilco Global Company

Edward Hertzman
Edward Hertzman
Founder and President
Sourcing Journal

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