The production processes of many fashion brands today inherently carry significant inventory risks. Produce too much excess merchandise, and unsold garments not only waste money, but accumulate as waste in landfills. Additionally, underproduction costs both brands and retailers revenue, especially if they are neglecting to manufacture a popular product or trend. Yet despite these glaring concerns, companies still aren’t as proactive as they should be to get in front of fashion trends and consumer demands.

In short, the industry needs to truly align product and demand if they want to maximize their revenue, cut waste, reduce returns and build a more inclusive, relevant product assortment.

To get there, brands must leverage AI-based benchmarking capabilities with a full technology ecosystem, from planning to production to get a grasp of what their shoppers really want, then deliver it efficiently.

Join this interactive webinar on June 7 at 12 pm ET to learn how to:

  • Optimize your assortment strategy amid evolving consumer trends
  • Reduce garment waste and build a more sustainable business model
  • Leverage benchmarking to optimize production
  • Manufacture garments on-demand or made-to-measure




Mathieu Touchet
Mathieu Touchet
Business Developer, Fashion

Debra Ferraro
Debra Ferraro
Vice President, Global Product Development & Technical Design

Kish Johnson
Kish Johnson
Director of Sales
Advancing Eco Agriculture


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