Inventory planning and allocation has never been more complex for merchants.

Trends have a shorter shelf life, supply chains are often uncertain, markdowns decimate margins, and, as many of the brands and retailers with us today know, returns have more hidden costs than consumers think.

Getting planning wrong is not an option, and spending hours in under-powered, antiquated spreadsheets is no longer the solution.

For this webinar, we'll dive into why brands and retailers need advanced AI models more than ever, and explore the processes behind adopting emerging technologies.

Join us on April 4, at 1pm ET, for our webinar: AI Explained: Everything Planning Teams Need to Know

Watch this webinar to learn:

•          The simple realities of AI and its impact on how merchants buy, assort and allocate

•          How machine learning approaches are improving forecast specificity — down to the size/style/color/location level

•          The financial + environmental impact of smarter, faster inventory decisions

•          Why merchants, planners and allocators are embracing AI to make their jobs simpler and more fulfilling




Meghan Hall (Moderator)
Meghan Hall (Moderator)
Business Reporter
Sourcing Journal

James Theuerkauf
James Theuerkauf
Co-Founder + CEO
Syrup Tech

Molly Kozar
Molly Kozar
Senior Director Omni Location Planning
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

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