Denim’s classic appeal has been rock steady for over 150 years, but its advances have been moving fast and furiously behind the scenes. With sustainability always at the core, innovations have birthed new fibers, non-toxic dye pigments, gentler laundry processes, waterless finishes, fresh recycling methods, circularity developments, and new ideas to close the loop. Even A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio have gotten involved in new solutions.

Orta remains at the forefront of innovation, and as the Turkish denim mill closes in on its 70th anniversary, it has developed a more sustainable fabric inspired by the Biodesign Challenge (BDC)—a global program that connects university students with bioengineers, industries, businesses and experts to redesign products and conventional systems with a biology inspired point of view. It is also working closely with Nature Coatings and Renewcell to continually innovate more sustainable denim.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How recycled wood waste is replacing synthetic black dye
  • Why Leonardo DiCaprio invested in Nature Coatings’ new BioBlack TX pigment
  • What Swedish textile recycling innovator Renewcell is planning for 2024
  • How global students, from designers to engineers and biologists, are shaping the denim of tomorrow
  • What are some conceptual concepts that will become reality in the future




Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki
Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki

Jenny Fredricsdotter
Jenny Fredricsdotter
Circular Business Manager

Daniel Grushkin
Daniel Grushkin
Biodesign Challenge

Jane Palmer
Jane Palmer
Nature Coatings

Peter Sadera (moderator)
Peter Sadera (moderator)
Editor in Chief
Sourcing Journal

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