While industries such as automotive and aerospace have been leveraging 3D design for decades, in fashion this technology is still in the early adopter stage. Apparel and footwear companies continue to discover this software’s many benefits, including operational efficiencies, cost savings, reduced sampling and trimmed lead times, which allows them to respond to actual demand and avoid merchandising missteps. 

As outdoor brand Merrell discovered, to unlock the full power of 3D, the design platform and all other technologies must talk to each other. By leveraging a product lifecycle management (PLM) system, Merrell’s virtual material platform, CAD program and more can communicate, improving collaboration while also incorporating 3D at every stage in the product creation and retail planning process.

Whether your own 3D journey has not yet started, is just beginning or has found its footing, this webinar will provide insights from Merrell’s firsthand experiences that you can apply in your own operations.

Tune in to the webinar to learn:

  • What led Merrell to initially adopt 3D solutions
  • The positives and pitfalls of 3D, and how to navigate hurdles
  • How Merrell will be using Centric Software’s PLM to streamline its 3D workflows
  • The initiatives behind Merrell’s biggest 3D wins to-date
  • Where 3D product development is headed in the coming years




John Burch
John Burch
Senior Vice President
Merrell Global Footwear

Charlie Hall
Charlie Hall
Senior Product Operations Manager

Reid Swanson
Reid Swanson
Sales Director, North America East
Centric Software

Jessica Binns (Moderator)
Jessica Binns (Moderator)
Managing Editor and Technology Editor
Sourcing Journal

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