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Sourcing Journal Events bring together leaders across the industry to address pertinent issues impacting the industry. Our audiences come from across the globe to engage with like minded individuals looking to propel their businesses forward. Sourcing Journal prides itself in super content, exceptional speakers and dynamic networking opportunities.

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Past Events

Sustainability Summit

March 26, 2024
New York, NY

Now in its third edition, the Sourcing Journal Sustainability Summit brings together the executives and leaders in our industry who are at the forefront of change. Building upon our inaugural theme, “The Road to 2030,” this year’s event is titled “A Need for Radical Cooperation.”

Fall Summit

November 2, 2023
New York, NY

This annual Super Bowl of Sourcing, held in-person in New York, is the unrivaled meeting place for our community. Covering the full spectrum of our industry, the full day of speakers and panels offers a 360-degree view of the current landscape and peers ahead for insight into what’s coming next.

Global Outlook Event
Mid-Year Insights and Future Predictions

June 27, 2023

Sourcing Journal’s GO Conference takes a world view at the ever-evolving landscape. From shipping and logistics to consumer sentiment and outlook, this event shrinks the globe into a digestible understanding.

Sustainability Summit
The Road to 2030 | Promises Vs. Progress

April 25, 2023
New York, NY

Our industry does a lot of talking about sustainability. Be it low-impact collections, lower-emissions goals and forecasts or the holy grail of carbon neutrality.
The second edition of the Road to 2030 Sustainability Summit will build on the topics and themes of last year’s inaugural event. Titled “Promises vs. Progress” the day’s program will examine the often large disparity between ambitions and action. While 80 percent of companies in a recent Sourcing Journal poll stated they had defined sustainability targets, a mere 20 percent have any measuring tools in place. For true progress to occur, this must change. Let’s foster that change together.

New York Summit
Strategic Solutions for Complex Challenges

October 18, 2022
New York, NY

The Sourcing Journal Fall Summit is the leading apparel supply chain event, drawing executives, directors and managers from brands, retailers, factories, agents, compliance agencies and service providers. The event features a commanding list of speakers and panelists, designed to challenge the status quo and inspire attendees to view their businesses differently. This year’s event is titled, Strategic Solutions for Complex Challenges; as the supply chain has attracted greater attention, and even more investment, the landscape has never been more difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, opportunities abound. Find out how best to use your capital to capitalize. From scalable solutions to the health of your business and employees, the time is now to make the tough decisions that will seed your future.

Global Outlook Conference
Pain Points Persist

April 26 & 27, 2022

This year’s Global Outlook Conference titled  “Pain Points Persist,” featured a commanding list of speakers and panelists that challenged the status quo and inspired attendees to view their businesses differently. This virtual conference brought together executives, directors and managers from brands, retailers, factories, agents, compliance agencies and service providers. The “Pain Points Persist” theme highlighted the fragility and volatility of supply chains, and downstream implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sustainability Summit
The Road to 2030

June 1, 2022
New York, NY

There is no way forward without a plan. With sustainability initiatives becoming a must-have, more and more companies are drawing up a roadmap of transformation. From curbing emissions to carbon offsets and ESG funding, the industry is conjuring strategies toward a greener future. The Road to 2030 Sustainability Summit was Sourcing Journal’s first in-person event of 2021 and took a deeper look into how retail organizations are embarking in achieving their sometimes lofty sustainability goals. This full day event provided a deeper look at what tools and technologies companies are leveraging (or should be leveraging) to get them to their end goals.

Past SPeakers

Kristy Caylor
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder,
For Days
Laura Coppen
Head of Circularity
Jon Devine
Senior Economist
Cotton Incorporated
Andy Dunn
Author & Founder
Logan Duran
Senior Director, ESG & Sustainability
Pamela Fierst-Walsh
Vice President, Traceability
PVH, Inc.
Shekar Natarajan
Chief Supply Chain Officer & Executive Vice President
American Eagle Outfitters Inc.
Simon Platts
Director, Sourcing, Commercial ESG & Sustainability




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Corporate Subscription Sales Associate