Recent disruptions to the fashion world have accelerated the need for sample-free, virtual design, but the truth is, the industry needed the push. Many brands have been afraid to lose that coveted “touch and feel,” but converts are quickly coming around to 3D design’s vast potential to enhance agility and inclusivity, streamline efficiencies, boost sustainability and more. 

3D has broad functionality that can be applied in many ways along the complex process of fashion design, and now that the industry has gotten a taste of what 3D design can do, stakeholders are more invested and committed to the technology. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

•    The industry pain points that 3D design solves and what the opportunities are
•    How SFI/Artistic Milliners applies 3D design and how it has affected the sampling process
•    How Clothing Tech embeds the tech pack into patterns with its patented Garment Digital Twin and how it differentiates between designing in 3D and visualizing in 2D, and why it matters
•    What Simply Suzette learned working with SFI/Artistic Milliners on a 3D design and fit modeling project
•    What other industries can teach the fashion industry about 3D design 
•    How 3D design decreases returns and makes a company more sustainable




Amber Isaac
Amber Isaac
3D Apparel Consultant
Artistic Milliners, SFI

Bill Wilcox
Bill Wilcox
President and Founder
Clothing Tech LLC

Ani Wells
Ani Wells
Founder and Director
Simply Suzette

Lauren Parker
Lauren Parker
Branded Content Manager
Fairchild Media Group


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