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Transformation. What is it and how do we get there? The fashion, textile and denim communities have long been criticized for their negative impacts through pollution and waste. But that reputation is changing. Slowly but surely stakeholders have evolved their businesses into cleaner, tech-driven and more environmentally-conscious enterprises. This event will take a bottom up approach from building with sustainable foundations to pushing out the goalposts as far as what is achievable.


Join us to SEE the change that is possible. 


California Legislation Conversation

California has been perhaps the most dynamic front-runner in the push for more sustainable legislation on a state level. From getting fair pay for labor to cutting edge policies around ERP and PFAS, this unique sit-down explores the genesis of these undertakings and what to expect next.


Resale / Reuse / Repair

Whether we are talking circularity or traceability, secondhand shopping and takeback programs are one of the most critical ingredients for success. This panel dives into this rapid growth sector and talks with brands and manufacturers that have seen true benefits from installing these programs.


Green Benefits of Made in the USA

One of the oft-overlooked avenues toward a less pollutive industry is producing goods closer to home. As one of the U.S.’ leading manufacturing hubs, Los Angeles is uniquely positioned to benefit as a return to making more in the U.S. gains a foothold. This panel brings together some of these players to discuss the opportunities and challenges, as well as hone in on why being closer to the end consumer is more sustainable in every way.


Do's & Don'ts on Running a Sustainable Biz

When it comes to sustainability, the toughest part is often where to begin. This panel talks to leaders of brands spawned by the green movement and offers an interactive conversation to get you off to the right start and avoid common missteps that hinder progress.


Waste Reduction

No sustainability conversation would be complete without addressing the industry’s waste problem. The volume of goods that ends up in sale bins, off-price stores and landfills illustrate the need daily. Thanks to new technology, apparel can now address the overproduction that was born out of a system built on economies of scale. Learn how to better predict demand, execute on those signals with more focused, quicker production runs, and incorporate new innovations in merchandising and allocation to deliver the right goods to the right place at the right time.


Circularity in Denim

From upcycling techniques to closed-loop manufacturing processes, denim has emerged as a leader in the space.  With end of life in mind, the already durable classic blue jean has undergone a transformation over the last decade to become an example of designing for circularity. This panel will examine how brands and makers consider length of use and end of life as part of the design and manufacturing process.


Denim & Innovation

Sustainability underpins most, if not all of the new technologies and products from the denim supply chain. From next-gen fibers to finishing technology and alternative dyes, innovation is remaking the category  in a more eco-conscious way—all while maintaining denim’s style, comfort and durability. This panel will discuss how the latest breakthroughs are making the oft-criticized denim sector one for the most active on the green front.


What to Expect


At this full-day (in person!) event, hear industry experts detail how they are navigating the challenge of becoming more sustainable.

Attend dynamic workshops to get informed and engage with others on the future of sustainability.

Listen to brands and retailers discuss how they are communicating sustainability to the consumer.

Insights into the technologies, services and developments aiding companies in their plight to achieve their aggressive sustainability targets.

Engage with like-minded individuals working to sift through the information noise to help their companies not only become more sustainable, but more financially prosperous.

Network with friends and colleagues, celebrate successes and collaborate on how we can partner to plow a path forward.



Who Should Attend

You work for a brand and you play a role in reaching your company’s sustainability goals

You’re curious about the latest innovations in alternative textiles and raw materials

You’re a leader seeking clarity on what existing (and potential) legislation in California and beyond mean for your brand

You’re a creative director designing with circularity in mind

You’re a denim enthusiast interested in the latest denim innovations

You want to understand the nuances, challenges and solutions of recycling

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You want to know what’s next in sustainable fashion



Note: Subject to change

Thursday, September 26, 2024
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Block III1:50 PM - 2:50 PM 
Networking Break2:50 PM - 3:30 PM 
Block IV3:20 PM - 4:20 PM 

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